As a member of the data analytics team, Ella uses data to inform and direct business decisions. When she’s away from work, Ella enjoys exploring local parks with her family.

Why did you choose to become a data scientist?
I actually studied environmental engineering, but when I graduated, data science was just beginning to gain momentum as a career path. Prior to that point, there weren’t many statistician positions available. Through my schooling, I’d had the opportunity to play with data and use different models to answer business-related questions and I realized that it was the perfect blend of my education and interests.

What benefits do data scientists bring to businesses?
All business decisions should be based on a clear understanding of how customers are using their products and services. Data provides the confidence to chart new paths and create greater efficiencies of resources, while evaluating the impact of those decisions. For a company like Houzz, which provides a bounty of products and services to our community, it’s important to understand how all decisions impact the overall dynamic of the experience from the minor ripples to the major waves.

What brought you to Houzz?
I was a big fan of Houzz long before I began working here and used to spend 20-30 minutes per night looking at photos and getting inspiration for my own home. In fact, one of my bathrooms looks very similar to a photo I found on Houzz!

Professionally, I craved the startup experience, which would allow me to broaden my focus and solve new challenges every day.

What do you most enjoy about your role?
It’s exciting! There’s an opportunity to blaze a trail, tap into my own creativity and provide useful information based on non-defined parameters. The many aspects of the Houzz platform mean that I am continuously learning and expanding my skills.

What project are you most proud of at Houzz?
I helped to develop the “Lifetime Value Model” for our marketing team, which is utilized for all campaigns to evaluate performance. I also analyze SEO-optimization and content partnerships to understand and educate the team on how and why people visit It’s fascinating to learn what piques visitors’ interest about Houzz.

What’s something that has surprised you about working at Houzz?
I work with cross-functional teams across marketing, SEO and data operations, and have found that across the board, people are very data-driven at Houzz. It’s so refreshing. Everyone uses analysis to drive marketing efforts and business growth decisions to achieve greater, more collaborative results.