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My Houzz: Sleek Lines and Innovations in Portland
Whitney Lyons | April 23, 2014 1

Behind these airy, contemporary interiors lie high-tech systems that lower utility costs while keeping the family comfortable

Tune In to Vintage Radios as Home Decor
Mary Jo Bowling | April 23, 2014 1

Do touch that dial. Old-time radios are showing up in modern-day homes, broadcasting a possible trend

There’s a Party in the Backyard, Says a Houzz Landscaping Survey
Mitchell Parker | April 23, 2014 4

Entertaining, growing edibles and solving problems are goals for homeowners planning to revamp their yards

Copper, the Dynamic Topper
Courtney Lake | April 23, 2014 9

Time changes copper’s appearance on walls, fireplaces and more, but your love of its look may spring eternal

A Quirky Ontario Cabin Gets a Lighter Touch
Becky Harris | April 23, 2014 14

Many eccentricities got to stay during this home’s redesign, but now they’re joined by better lighting, looks and functionality

Single Design Moves That Can Transform an Entry
Becky Dietrich | April 23, 2014 12

Take your foyer from merely fine to fabulous with one brilliant touch

This Hillside Garden Succeeds on Multiple Levels
Bonnie Monte | April 23, 2014 5

Once a kids’ playspace, this terraced backyard now has a hot tub, dining area and other lounging spots for grown-up fun

Care and Training for a Vine-Covered Home
Laura Gaskill | April 23, 2014 11

Love the look but don’t want the ruin? Learn how to have vine-draped walls without all the cracks and crumbling

Garden Color: Lighten and Brighten With Yellow
Frank Organ | April 22, 2014 11

From mellow to far out, yellow plants and accent features can bring a taste of the sun close to home

My Houzz: Art Inspires an Aussie Remodel
Luci Dibley | April 22, 2014 25

A 1930s home comes to life with paintings and iconic furniture collected over a lifetime

Create Garden Mystery With a Zigzag Path
Jay Sifford | April 22, 2014 17

Foster intrigue by setting garden paths at angles ‘yatsuhashi’-style

16 Ideas for a Healthy, Feel-Good Home
Laura Gaskill | April 22, 2014 36

Making these small tweaks and bigger shifts at home can help you thrive everywhere you go

An Urban Greenhouse Overflows With Edibles
Annie Thornton | April 22, 2014 13

Making meals just means stepping into the yard for a San Francisco couple who revamped an old orchid house

I will NEVER have _____ in my home!
What's the one thing (or a few things) you refuse to...
Jeannie Nguyen | just now   437
Need help with empty wall cutout in foyer
Any ideas on what would be best to place there so that...
Nimmy Joseph | just now   5
Front door color
I had a new door installed and painted but now I don't...
jenfog77 | 1 minute ago   63
Can these cabinets be painted instead of replaced
Hi would like have these cabinets painted to a dark...
jtavdi | 1 minute ago   1
Have you ever sold a home as a "For Sale By Owner"
I've never been brave enough to go it alone when selling...
Emily Hurley | 1 minute ago   55
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